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A little about me

Heyyy, I'm Camille! I was born and raised along the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. I now live in Kalamazoo, but am always willing to make a trip back to the lake for photoshoots! I will travel all over West Michigan for photoshoots! I am officially a full time photographer - something I have always dreamed of! I love being able to travel and adventure to new locations. When traveling, chances are I will always either have my camera, my GoPro, or my drone with me! 

I love getting to know people and forming relationships. Part of that is opening myself up so you can feel comfortable talking to me and being around me and in front of my camera! I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you have a positive experience with me and love your photos! I love connecting with y'all on Instagram. Engage with me and I'll engage with ya back!

Colin is my extremely supportive husband - and he even serves as my assistant sometimes! We got married in October 2021. Life is pretty rad with your bff. 


Who I am

I'm a creative person at heart, and photography has been my creative outlet ever since I can remember. I always brought my little point and shoot camera everywhere, taking photos of everything and everyone. Literally everything, just ask my friends. I cared more about my camera than I did my cell phone. In high school, I took a digital photography class and got my first DSLR, and well, the rest is history. 

My business really took off once I graduated college in 2017 and was able to invest more time, energy, and money into it. I am constantly looking for new ways to improve my client experience and how I shoot. 

My favorite thing about photography is capturing real, raw, candid moments and emotions. I enjoy capturing you as you are. I will try to get genuine smiles and laughs out of you. I do not like to change how you look - I believe you are beautiful, unique, and amazing just the way you are! Yes, that means no Photoshop!

By nature, I'm a perfectionist, I love order and structure, and am a very routine, scheduled, detail-oriented person. On the flip side, I love change, spontaneity, and flexibility (at times - ha). I'm an enneagram type 1, which I feel explains so much!


My style is natural - meaning I use natural light and capture the moments presented to me. I will not edit or change you - meaning no Photoshopping you to give you clearer skin, remove your wrinkles, make you look skinnier, etc. I will occasionally remove a few zits or bruises, but I will not alter your appearance. Part of my "why" for loving what I do is showing you that you are beautiful just the way you are, and helping you embrace your flaws. No(body) is perfect, but becoming confident in your skin is a big reason I love doing photography - to show you the beauty within yourself.

Things I love

My hubby.

My dog, Lainey.

My home.




Lattes. Starbucks specifically. 


The beach, the lake, and the ocean.



Quiet, slow mornings.

Hiking and adventure.

Cozy spaces.

Cute cafes and coffee shops.

+ photography, obvi. 

I'd love to learn more about who you are!

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