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Important to note:

  • I have limited availability on weekends. Most of my sessions are scheduled during the week. Please let me know if weekends are the absolute only availability you have. 

  • Boudoir sessions between May-October will be held on week days only due to limited hair and makeup artists being available during wedding season. 

  • If you submit an inquiry and don't hear back from me within 48 hours, please reach out on social media! I've had a few issues with messages coming through. 

I will be in the Florida Keys beginning January 15! I do not yet know when I will be back (likely late January-early February). I am booking photoshoots in the Florida Keys during my time there for a discounted rate! If you are hoping for a photoshoot in Michigan around this time, please reach out ASAP so we can get you booked!

We are going on our honeymoon! I will be OOO April 3-11. All emails will be responded to on April 12.



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