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Amy + Josh

Amy and Josh welcomed baby Jaxton into this world on July 17, 2020. Amy is my cousin and lifelong best friend. Growing up, she was the closest thing to a sister. It seems like just yesterday when we took Adalie's maternity photos, newborn photos, and now here we are, with baby number 2's maternity photos! I can't wait for Jaxton's newborn photos here soon!

I think these photos about sum up how Adalie feel's about it all. Being a big sister is a lot of responsibility!

Amy looked GORGEOUS as always! She makes such a beautiful momma!

I love how the chickens were in photos. To me, this is special because they're part of the family too!

Adalie wasn't really feelin' photos, but what toddler does?

I love being able to watch my cousin's little family grow!

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