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Andrea - Boudoir

I LOVE BOUDOIR SESSIONS! Andrea is a loyal client of mine. When she mentioned she wanted to do a boudoir session, I was like, heck yassss girl!!!

She wanted to have fun, dance, and learn to love herself. Mommas - let me just say this. Your bodies are AMAZING, no matter what. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You brought life into this world!!!

She loved to dance! We put on a playlist she made and got groovin! Music that you love serious makes all of the difference during a session.

This studio is SO MUCH FUN because it has this cool swing! I think it's safe to say this was her favorite part :)

She was so nervous leading up to this shoot. Once we started shooting and she got more comfortable, her confidence and beauty just radiated! When I look at these photos, I see a woman who is strong, beautiful, happy, carefree, and confident. I see a momma who loves herself and feels empowered!

I am so proud of her for doing this shoot - but even more proud that she allowed herself to be vulnerable and share these photos.

Something important to know is that I do not photoshop you. That's right - I won't remove any wrinkles, cellulite, make you look thinner, etc. I believe the best you is the real you. Part of doing boudoir with me is learning to love the body you have. God created each and every one of us to be unique. Yes, everyone has flaws. Yes, there will be something you don't like about yourself. My goal is to show you how beautiful you truly are and make you feel good!

I encourage every woman to do a boudoir session. Like this one, it can be fun! It doesn't have to always be serious, sexy, and seductive. I love how happy and carefree she looks in these photos! I love helping woman feel empowered and confident!

GR Studio Space - GR Loft

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