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Andrea + Doug

I photographed these two back in November 2019 with their new little addition to the family. When Andrea messaged me asking to do their engagement shoot, I was SO excited! If you've followed me for a while, you know couples shoots are my fave! We decided to try out a new location, and I have to say, it gave us a lot of variety and it was a gorgeous evening!

I saw this big tree, and wanted to get some with them in it! Also, the light was hitting it nicely.

Then we got some cute, close up snuggles!

I also had a first; SMOKE BOMBS! This was definitely a learning experience but it was also so much fun!!!

We then wandered over to the opposite side of the park and came across this beautiful, yellow tree.

Loveeeeed this little random pedestrian bridge! Normally I'm not a huge fan of bridges, but this one was cute, quaint, and tucked away in a beautiful setting overlooking a creek.

Which led to them getting in the water! Ahhhh, I LOVE when people are willing to do this!

That was supposed to be the end of our session, but on our walk back to the parking lot, I saw the sun shining through the trees just right. So....

I'm so in love with this shoot, and so thankful they were letting me capture their love! I absolutely love seeing couples express love with one another. I was so glad that they were willing to give the smoke bombs a shot and get in the water. Talk about an adventurous and spontaneous couple! <3

Location: Paw Paw Park, Holland MI

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