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Booking Process

My booking process has became so much easier for clients as I've figured out what works well, what doesn't work well, and most of all, using HoneyBook. I'm still slowly working on more automated backend stuff, but I also like some sense of personal connection and getting to know my clients more and what they want.

Here's what my booking process looks like!

Step 1: Inquire through my contact form on my website. I will first answer any questions you have and gather any additional information as needed!

Step 2: Based on the type of session you're interested in, I will send you an info and prep guide, gather any remaining information I might need from you, and figure out which package might be the best option for you! No commitment is needed yet from you, this is still just the inquiry stage! Maybe you want to move forward, maybe not! That's totally okay!

Step 3: You're ready to book! Once you've decided you want me to be your photographer and we've nailed down an estimated date and location, I will send you my contract to review and sign, and an invoice to pay the $50 retainer fee, which secures your session!

Step 4: As it gets closer to your session date, and depending on your session type, I will send over a questionnaire. This helps me get an idea of what you want, as well as how we can plan and coordinate your session!

Step 5: The days leading up to your session will more than likely be communicated via text, as exact timing of your session can quickly change due to weather and it's easier to communicate quick, last minute logistics that way.

Step 6: The remainder of your payment is due the day of your session. We have some fun and shoot, and then you can expect your photos within approximately 2 weeks!

Step 7: When I'm finished with your photos, I will send an online photo gallery link to your email, where you can view, download, print, and share your photos!

Step 8: If you want any additional edits made, I must have these requests within 2 weeks of your gallery delivery date. Otherwise, you are all set to enjoy your photos!

And remember, inquiring with someone is not the same as booking! It's okay if you realize it's not within your budget, not your preferred style, or just not the right fit. Just make sure you determine this before signing a contract and paying any sort of deposit.

It's very important to me that I answer all of your questions, provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions, and to make you feel comfortable! I'm always happy to meet up (virtually for now) and chat!

Happy booking season! :D

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