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Buyce Family 2020

This was my third year photographing this family! It's crazy how fast kids grow. The first year I photographed them, they were only a family of three! I love being able to see families expand over the years.

It's so cool to be able watch kids grow over the years and see their personalities shine through.

The photos below might be my favorite series from this session. Kids this age just want to be free, so when you let them run, you get to capture the big smiles on their faces!

Yes, they collided and fell in this photo directly below. Don't worry, they were okay and up and running around immediately after!

I was trying so hard to get a nice, cute photo of Claire holding these wildflowers. It took a while, lots of shots and running around, but I finally got a few super cute ones! Patience is key when photographing children, lol.

When photographing babies and children, you have to go into the shoot with almost zero expectations. They are so unpredictable and they do what they want. The best thing you can do is let them have fun, play, be silly, and love them, all while I'm just snapping away. Capturing all of these cute moments is what makes these photos memorable and so precious. After all, I'm here to document your family and your special moments, not just make you sit still and smile at me the entire time. Candid moments like these are some of the most cherished photos you can get.

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