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Downtown Urban Shoot with Madison

Holy smokes, right?! I'm still obsessing like crazy over this urban shoot with Madison. Warning: photo overload but please scroll through all of these photos because she is fireeee . Madison and I both went to GVSU and actually met in a class within the Seidman College of Business. We worked on a group project together in our capstone and all I remember is that it was HARD, but we were also both going through some trying times in our lives.

We wandered around downtown Grand Rapids and around GVSU. She made this shoot SO easy. Like I barely had to talk her through anything. She posed herself and killed it! I'm pretty sure she got tired of me saying "omg girl yasss you should seriously be a model!" Lol

Let me just tell you, you can make outfits out of anything. She really wanted an urban edgy look, and even did some thrifting! That black tank you see? It's actually a bathing suit! And how cool are those glasses?!

She sure has all the right angles in all the right places. I mean come on, the girl has some SERIOUS confidence! What a boss babe!

Such vibes all around. I was so glad we got to do this! She has such a natural beauty to her. I loved getting to see this side of her!

Never forget to be fearlessly authentic. Confidence is beautiful. Being a badass is cool. There is nothing wrong with doing what makes you feel good! Only you can determine your happiness and worth.

You are worthy. You are confident. You are loved.

God's already on your side and is rooting for you.

You do you, girlfriend.

I love being able to capture people's beauty. I believe everyone is beautifully and uniquely made by God. I love being able to make people feel good and show them that they are beautiful, worthy, and loved. This shoot was a great reminder of that.

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