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Gavin | LHS Senior

Gavin | Lakeshore senior, class of 2021

I'm pretty sure he could be a model. All I can think when I look at these is, wow look at that Abercrombie model!

You wouldn't necessarily know it looking at these photos, but Gavin is tall! When I met him at the beginning of our session I was like, wow you are tall! Haha.

This ivy wall had the perfect colors during this session! He rocked it.

We tried to get some fall colors for the last bit of his session and the closest area with some trees was the golf course nearby. I love capturing seniors as they are. Sure, formal photos are super nice and all, but part of why I love what I do is because I love capturing the real, authentic you. That means, you as you are. How you dress, how you look, things you like to do, etc.

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