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It happens all the time to photographers. We get excited when communicating with you and spending time with you during our session, get butterflies when we push send, and then nothing. Ghosted, once again. This is common in this industry. Is it us? Is it some communication barriers? Is it a lack of common courtesy? Is it the technology? Or is it just how it is these days?

Scenario 1: Photographers receive an inquiry, respond in a timely manner with enthusiasm and excitement over a new potential client, and then nothing. Crickets. Two weeks go by and we send a follow up message letting them know that availability is getting slim and again, no response.

I can promise you, every new inquiry I receive, I get the butterflies EVERY time! It is so exciting and the moment I read your message my wheels start turning! Does this mean every inquiry leads to a confirmed client? No, definitely not! And that is okay!! I know that you might be shopping around and getting quotes. I know that I don't fit everyones style, budget, or needs, but when we take the time to carefully craft a response with excitement and other important information and then never receive a message back, it's like a slap in the face. What happened to simply responding and saying "Ya know what, I just don't think we can afford it right now." Or, "Thank you, but we have chosen to go with someone else who can better suit our needs." This kind of response will NOT hurt my feelings! It's more disrespectful to just ghost us than simply telling us "no." Trust me, I can handle being told no and would much rather know that you decided to not pursue me than just ghosting me and leaving me hanging. Sometimes I think, "If they do message me back, will I be able to fit them in since I'm so booked up now? What if they message me back tomorrow wanting photos next week and I have no availability? Did I not answer their question correctly? I wonder if they ever ended up finding a photographer? Did they get their photos done that they needed? Hopefully they found someone!" You are still at the forefront of my head. If you were to simply tell me no, I could close our conversation and know that you aren't just waiting until the last minute to book something. It is common courtesy for both parties and communication is a two way street. I try my best to be quick in my communications with clients but also personable and excitable, because photography is my passion and I get butterflies every single session I do and I want you to know how much passion goes into it! We know that you shop around for photographers just as you would with anything else. Please please please, let those who you don't book with know that you have moved forward with someone else.

Scenario 2: We just finished and uploaded a client gallery and sent it! Maybe even sent a text message letting them to know check their inbox and once again, nothing. After spending hours editing and perfecting your images, getting super excited when pressing send, only to get zero response or confirmation that they were received, it leaves us confused!

This moment is filled with adrenaline and excitement when we finish your galleries and send them to you. It is extremely nerve wrecking when we hear nothing back. We get it, maybe you don't absolutely love them like you thought you would, or maybe you just don't share excitement through texts or the internet like I do. More often times than not, we send a gallery, maybe get a "Thank you" message, and then hear nothing for days, weeks, months, or never!

Now, I'm not saying I expect an immediate response. I know everyone has busy lives and aren't always connected to their computers, phones, social media, or email. But knowing that you did in fact at least receive them puts my mind at ease. What if we sent it to the wrong email by accident and had no idea? What if you experience an issue when trying to view or download them?

I also never expect a reaction or response about what you think of the photos, but when I do happen to get messages like "These are amazing!" "Omg Camille I LOVE THEM!" "I'm so in love!" "These are so great!" "You captured the real us!" I literally want to jump up and down and scream out of pure joy because knowing you are happy with your photos GIVES ME LIFE! I think a lot of people tend to forget that this is first and foremost my PASSION! It's not just a job. Photography sets a fire in my soul and that involves all of my clients because without you, I wouldn't be able to do what I love. Reactions like those literally keep me going and give me fuel for my passion! When I get positive feedback from you, you are filling up my cup so, so full! Overflowing! Knowing that you love your photos just as much as I do, seriously makes me so incredibly happy! My goal is to have you loving your photos just as much as I do, if not more!

When we hear crickets after sending off a gallery, sometimes it worries us!

Are you happy with the images? Not happy?

Is there something you want edited differently?

Are you disappointed in what you received?

Is there anything I can do to make it right for you if you aren't satisfied?

Did you have any issues viewing or downloading the photos?

Or do you actually love them just as much as I do but think that our communication and relationship ends the moment I send your gallery?

Or maybe you just aren't an expressive person?

Another common thing we see is, well, never seeing our photos posted on social media. I know not everyone is on or uses social media - I wish that could be me, HA! I try to friend all of my clients on social media so I can tag them when I post their photos. Some people just simply don't ever post on social, and that is ay-okay! Sometimes, all people want to do is hang them up in their house or send prints to friends and family. Awesome!! I love that you do that! Want to make me feel extra special? Include me on your address list and send me one! I LOVE seeing how you use and print your photos. Or send me a picture of your pictures! Brownie points to you if you do!

I think a lot of people are under the impression they can't share their photos on social media. Oh no girl, please share them!!! But pretty please give me photo credit and tag my business account. Social media, referrals, and word of mouth is literally how I get 99% of my clients. When you tag me and I get the notification that you posted some of my photos, my heart starts to race and I can't click on them fast enough!! Also when you tag me, it allows all of your followers to see who took the photos! You'd be surprised how many people message me and say things like, "You took John and Jane's photos last year and I loved them! My fiance and I just got engaged and we would like to hire you!" People don't always realize it, but giving proper photo credit on social media goes such a long way and it does not go unnoticed by me!

Bottom line, this is my PASSION. Not just work. Not just a job. I put my heart and soul (and a lot of time) into photography and try my hardest to make everything special and a positive experience for you! I am always open to feedback and constructive criticism and will never be offended for being told no. I love what I do and I seriously love all of my clients! I am so thankful for all of my supporters who have stood by me throughout the years and seen change and growth within my business! It's literally all because of YOU! <3

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