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Harleigh + Josh

Harleigh and I had been trying to organize photos for what seems like a year or more, between her moving, waiting for Oakley's fur to be the perfect length, and both our crazy schedules, we were FINALLY able to make it happen and we had so much fun! We did a combination of branding photos, couples photos, and family photos with Oakley! Har is a boss babe, so it was a must that we get some lifestyle ones of just her! Also, she's just too gorgeous not to photograph!

Isn't Har so cute?!?! She has such a natural beauty to her! Of course, Oakley had to be in some photos! What's a photoshoot without your dog, anyway?

We had so much fun at the beach! This was their first time ever taking professional photos and I'm so glad they felt comfortable with me! We created memories, laughed, and got our feet wet.

Lake Michigan, MI

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