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A few months ago I invested into a software called HoneyBook. This is a client management system that helps me track all of my clients photoshoots! I can send and sign electronic contracts, invoices, questionnaires, brochures, and it even has our entire email thread within HoneyBook! I can track my hours spent working, my income and expenses, and more! Clients can purchase gift cards, choose a photoshoot time that works for them, and not to mention all of the automatic things I can make it do! I haven't even utilized all of the features yet. Let me tell you, it is AMAZING! I can't believe I missed out on all of these features for so long, lol. It keeps me SO much more organized with everything on the business side of things. I can't imagine running a small business without it.

Before HoneyBook, I was using a Google doc for my contract which was time consuming, not as professional looking, and just not ideal. I'd track my income and expenses on another Google spreadsheet. I was tracking client photoshoots with all of their details on ANOTHER spreadsheet. Sooo many Google docs! It was unorganized and took me longer to manage things. I felt like I had to update things in 5 places just for one photoshoot, but in HoneyBook, it's all in one spot! The process of everything from the moment a client reaches out to me to the moment we are done working together is so much easier, faster, and more efficient! It's also so much more seamless on the client side - which is super important to me! When a client contacts me through my website, all of their information automatically goes through HoneyBook! If someone texts me or messages me on social media about scheduling a photoshoot, I can easily create a new inquiry for them manually. I hope my previous clients have found this process to be simple and that my future clients do too!

If you are a fellow small business owner, entrepreneur, or photographer and are interested in trying out HoneyBook, you can sign up with my link for a free 7-day trial and if you like it and decide to sign up, then you'll get 20% off your first year! Once you sign up with HoneyBook, you also get special discounts for other softwares, products, and programs to help run your business! Trust me - it is SO worth it. I will never do business again without something like this!

Here's my referral link!

Do you have any questions about HoneyBook? I would love to answer them!

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