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Jasmin - Branding

Jasmin reached out to me on Instagram expressing interest in a full branding shoot! This consists of up to 3 different sessions (or one, long session), totaling up to 3 hours of shooting time, 3 locations, 3-6 outfits, prep guide, questionnaire, and even help with planning social media content. Personal branding is so important to connect with your audience, show authenticity, and build trust with your clients! It's great for anyone and will look different for everyone - small businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers, you name it!

I was super excited to meet Jasmin and work alongside her! She is a Social Media Manager and helps entrepreneurs save time energy by managing their social media platforms so they can focus more on their business and clients.

Our first shoot took place at Tiscornia Beach. We first got some shots in the sand dunes. This girl is BEAUTIFUL. I told her she should start modeling because she can pull off a straight face SO WELL. Not to mention, she looks like such a confident business woman!

We then headed down to the water and had some fun on the beach!

I'm looking forward to our next branding session! Branding sessions can be different for every business, brand, person, or company! Everyone has a different goal in mind and different needs.

Jasmin's goal was to show her audience who she is as a person. She is happy, fun, and energetic and she feels it's important to showcase herself through her brand! I couldn't agree more, Jasmin!

Contact me today for how a branding session might be able to help you!

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