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Jasmin | ThinkBar Branding Shoot

Jasmin chose my full branding package, which includes a total of up to 3 hours shooting time, 3 locations, and 3-6 outfits! We did part of her session at the beach earlier this summer. I have loved getting to know her! This session took place at ThinkBar Coworking in South Haven, a coworking space my previous coworkers and friends own and manage!

As you can see, I had a hard time narrowing down photos of this session, they are all just too good!! I love this location, this girl, and this shoot!

Jasmin is a social media manager and virtual assistant! Her work is done through her computer and phone, meaning she can pretty much work wherever she can get WiFi! Behind the scenes photos of her gettin stuff done are my favorites!

I like my branding shoots to be a good combo of lifestyle images as well. I'm a firm believer in showing off your personality! I love to have fun, be silly, and even a little spontaneous! It makes you seem more approachable to potential clients or customers.

I also offer a regular, one-time branding session, as well as headshots! I try to be flexible depending on people's needs, because every person and business might need something a little different!

More coffee, please!

How cute is she?!? I mean, seriously! Definition of a boss babe!

Essentials: coffee, planner, laptop, and phone.

I always have a blast with Jasmin, in case you can't tell! What a beautiful, talented woman!

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