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Jessica + Ryan Heater

Ryan + Jessica | 2020

I have photographed these two numerous times throughout the years. In fact, they were some of my first models in high school. Thank goodness for growth!

They picked my FAVORITE time of year to shoot! Fall colors, outfits, crisp air, are all my fave!

This location was beautiful and gave us such a good variety. Ryan and Jessica NEVER fail to blow me away. I would make crazy, random noises because I was geeking out over these photos while shooting.

Jessica is such a natural beauty! I tell her every time we shoot that she needs to be a model, lol. And Ryan has this photo thing nailed down for sure! I mean look at how freaking cute these two are!!

I hope you got a good laugh out of that series!

I just love the love between these two. I have watched their relationship grow over the years and I love seeing couples grow together! This is why couples are my number one thing to photograph!

I mean seriously. I will literally forever swoon over these photos! I love them so much! I hope to photograph their love forever.

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