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Kamstra Family

This girl cracked me up. Throughout this session, all she wanted to do was pick flowers and give them to me. I probably received 50 flowers (and other things) from her! It was seriously so cute!!

Even when MaeLynn would smile, her nose would crinkle and she would get these cute little dimples - it was ADORABLE!

She is afraid of heights, but she sure didn't seem scared when we walked the bridge! She was a trooper and was actually curious about everything she saw around her.

Of course we had to get some of just mom and dad too <3

We found a snail that really intrigued her. At that age, all they really want to do is explore and wander around - just let them, because then your photos turn out like this, and I think it's super cute! There was also these cute flower pinwheels in the middle of the parking lot. She went crazy over them and even was allowed to take some home!

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