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Kelsi | Senior

Despite it being a windy and super sunny day, Kelsi rocked her senior session! I had a ton of fun with her!

We mostly battled with the wind and sun at the high school field. The direction for her hair to not blow crazy in her face was the direction where she was squinting into the sun. The direction away from the sun, resulted in her hair flying all over. However, I would say we made it work and she looks stunning in these!!

I remember at one point during our session under this little gazebo, I told her she resembles Miley Cyrus, like in her Hannah Montana days, not the current, more wild Miley, haha. And yes, it was most definitely a huge compliment!

Kelsi was such a natural and seriously so cute!!

Funny story: when she went for her last outfit change, I ran to my car to put in an empty memory card for the remainder of our session. Don't ask how, but I locked my keys in the car, lol. Thank goodness I was close to home and my mom put in a request with AAA while I finished my session. While waiting for the tow truck driver, my mom and Colin showed up for moral support. There's always a first for everything! lol

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