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Lexi, Kyle + Riley

A month ago I shot this little cutie for her 1st birthday! Of course, along with Lexi and Kyle, who I have known since my high school days! Two words: her EYES and that SMILE! <3

We shot these at Kyle's family's property, which was huge and absolutely gorgeous! We hopped on their UTV and drove towards the back of the property where we scouted some pretty spots where the sun was shining through the trees.

Riley, as most babies and toddlers, didn't want to just sit still. She wanted to play, wander around, and listen to music on momma's phone. Playing with the balloons and being thrown into the air helped get a smile out of her!

She loved when we stopped to pet and look at the cow's! Daddy also let her sit on his lap and drive!

moo moo

We ended the evening in the barn to try to get more photos of her in her chair with her balloons - LOOK AT THAT SMILE AND THOSE EYES! <3

Shooting babies, toddlers, and children never goes 100% smoothly. Here's the reality of what a lot of the shots look like, haha. Still cute though, don't ya think?! It's always worth keeping some of these!!

I had a blast with these guys! It was great to see them (it had been so long) and meet Riley, what a CUTIE PIE!

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