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Updated: Jan 25, 2018

I LOVE natural light. I will use as much natural light as possible. This means that I prefer to shoot outside! For one, I love nature. For two, indoor lighting usually sucks. For three, I don't have an indoor space yet. I have an awesome handy dandy flash that I can use, but certain lights still just put off a weird color sometimes, especially depending on wall colors, etc. However, I will gladly take photos where ever you would like!!

People tend to think that even if they have a room with lots of lighting (and I'm not talking about natural lights from windows) that it works just as well, but it doesn't. Unless you have big, full windows that let off a lot of natural light, its usually not the best. Indoor lighting usually puts off a yellow, orangey color depending on the type of bulbs you use. Nothing lightroom can't fix of course, but most photographers agree that natural light is the way to go!

Now...outdoor shooting. Most people tend to believe that outside period works! Well, yes it's better, but sorry, we are still going to be picky.

My favorite time to shoot is the golden hour (isn't it everyone's favorite time?). This is the hour-ish after sunrise and before sunset. It produces a beautiful orange sun and simply casts great rays behind you. If your schedule just doesn't simply allow for the morning or evenings for photos, that's okay, we'll make it work.

If we have to schedule something mid day, hopefully it's overcast!!! Overcast is also my favorite time to shoot in my opinion. I would shoot at any time of day in that case. You may think that the cloudy gray skies are dreary, and they can be, but it eliminates sun spots and crazy shadows on you. Colors become perfect for how I like and it allows for more flexibility on how I want to edit my photos (this is my personal style).

Full sun, on a beautiful sunny day, actually is not great for photos. If we can find a tree or something that will give us some shade, then it can work. But if we are in an open place like the beach or a field, we have no protection. I don't want you to have to squint and I certainly don't want weird sun spots on you either. Full sun can be very tricky and I will admit I have a tough time shooting in full open sun.

So, that brings me to rescheduling and being flexible. I will be picky on lighting. I know it may be an inconvenience, but if you want photos that are worthy enough, you'll trust my advice and go with it. I've cancelled multiple times day of and hours before a shoot due to weather and lighting. Believe me, it's worth it. If there is absolutely no other time or day we can reschedule or it's a wedding, than we will just have to make due with what we got.

Think of it like a beach day. If its a crappy day out, you probably wouldn't want to go and just go another time. Same idea with photography, except that it's better to go on more cloudy days. Get my gist here?

But don't worry, we will find something that works! Remember to be understanding and flexible. If your photos are as important to you as they are to me, we will do what is best! Ultimately everything is up to you in the end. Lighting is a very complex subject (one that I'm still learning about) but trust your photographer!

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