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More than just a portrait photographer

There's so much more to photography than just portrait sessions. Sure, I LOVE them, obviously! But I also am capable of doing so much more for people!

Have you ever thought about how you did something fun or visited with long time friends or family and wished you had taken more photos to look back on? When we are with good company, we usually forget to take pictures because we are having so much fun.

Maybe you're going on a vacation. Maybe you're getting all of the family together for a weekend. Maybe you've got some sort of party or event, like a bachelorette party, and want to just enjoy the moment, but don't want to worry about your phone or taking pictures, but you want those pictures to look back on.

This is where I step in! People don't always think about hiring a photographer for these sort of things, but let me tell you, it is a great idea. It will let you unplug and have fun, while letting me capture your memories from the sidelines!

It's easy to get wrapped up in technology and the instant gratification of posting on Snapchat or Instagram of what we are doing at any given second. But I promise, when you can sit back and just enjoy the moment with your friends or family, you will see true, genuine smiles and laughter.

Maybe you or someone you know is creating a new business or starting something cool. Whatever it is, they most likely need photos of some sort for content, their website, branding, and headshots! Sometimes this tends to be an after thought for many new business owners. Get ahead of the game and give them my name. Fresh headshots add a touch of professionalism to your brand and are also fun!

Boudoir. Self love. Self confidence.

Don't let the term "boudoir" scare you. Think of it as a self love thing. It's a session that is for YOU, not for your significant other, although it's an added perk for them ;) so many women are nervous to do this kind of session, but in the end, they have SO much fun with it & feel so much more empowered & confident in themselves. This can even be done with your boo and we can make it a sexy couples session too. It's not always about skimpy lingerie, it can be whatever you want it to be! But if you want to wear some fun PJs, a tank top and shorts, be wrapped up in a blanket, you name it! I also will not share any of your images if you want this to be private. This session is designed for you & whatever you are comfortable in. You can wear as little or as much as you want, we will play some music to lighten the mood, drink your favorite drink, & most of all, HAVE FUN!!!

People don't realize how many options for photos there are. Often times, people realize once it's too late! Loved ones pass away, you already have the baby and realize you didn't take many photos during your pregnancy, you got engaged but didn't get the proposal captured, you name it. Kids grow, fast! Why not get new professional photos every other year to capture your growing family? I also do real estate photography here and there! The limit does not exist! - Mean Girls (sorry, had to)

Word of mouth starts with YOU! If you know of high school seniors, someone who either just got engaged or is thinking about proposing, someone who is pregnant, someone starting a business or something awesome, someone who maybe hasn't had photos in a long time, whatever it is, send them my way! I love new experiences and being challenged, so whatever it is, bring it on!

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