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My editing style

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

I wouldn’t say I have developed a “style” yet, BUT I am slowly getting there. The more you let me photograph you, the more likely this will happen. However, I have been leaning towards more contrast, darker (underexposed), moody, warmer, desaturated photos. I don’t like a lot of bright colors in my photos (read my blog on what to wear to avoid this). I’ve always been drawn to neutral tones and moody things (sounds depressing right?). For newborns, I try to go more light and airy.

I’ve tried over exposure, and just don’t ever seem to love them. I can always do basic edits to make regular photos pop! If you don’t like my soon-to-come style, just tell me. I’d be happy to create regular photos for you, but please look at my previous work and talk to me about this before booking a session. If you are looking for a certain style, you may need to look around at other photographers.

Because I love capturing moments, I typically don’t do much in Photoshop, if ever. I 99% use Lightroom. If I’m feeling super artsy or something, maybe I’ll mess around in Photoshop, but otherwise I process all my photos in Lightroom. This being said, I don’t retouch photos. I love showing off your natural self!

I will fix blemishes or pimples if you would like - but please ask before the end of our photo sesh! This takes additional time and work to EVERY image. If you want smooth looking skin, just ask! If requested, please allow more time to process and receive your photos.

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