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Pixieset - Your Online Photo Gallery

When you first inquire with me, you'll hear (or read) the word Pixieset a lot. So, what is Pixieset? It's your private, online gallery where all of your digital photos will be! Check out the video I made to learn how to navigate the ins and outs of Pixieset!

Once I finish editing your photos, I upload the original resolution photos to Pixieset, and send you an email that allows you to access your gallery! From here, you will be able to see all of your photos. Gone are the days of putting photos on a CD or USB flash drive and then mailing or hand delivering them!

Things I love about Pixieset:

- You can create favorites lists | Sometimes, certain sessions have A LOT of people in them, meaning many people will be accessing this gallery. Creating favorites lists help you sort through your favorites. For example, your spouse might like ABC photos, but you might like XYZ photos. Or maybe you want to create a list of photos you want to have printed, and a list of photos you want to post on social media. You can also share a list with me and add a note - this is especially helpful for boudoir sessions!

- Download your photos | You can download photos one by one or the gallery as a whole! You can also download in multiple sizes if needed, but when in doubt, always choose original (high) resolution! Web size is good for when you want to share those on social media.

- Print your photos directly from Pixieset | Order photo prints, canvas, and more through Miller's Professional Imaging photo lab directly from Pixieset. These are higher quality than you'd normally get at places like Costco, Shutterfly, Meijer, Walgreens, etc. and so much more convenient!

- Share your photos on social media.

- Your gallery is private! The only way others can access it is if you forward the email to them.

There's also a lot of cool and easy-to-use features on the back end, making business operations run more efficiently for me and seamless for my clients. It's super simple, clean looking, and user-friendly, which I love! If you ever have questions about how to do something in Pixieset, please just ask!

If you are a fellow photographer and looking to invest in something like this, I HIGHLY recommend Pixieset! You may sign up at and you will get a bonus 250 MB of storage added to your 3 GB of free storage for signing up through my referral link!

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