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Ryan + Jessica Engagement

My goodness gracious, these couples sessions lately have been giving me LIFE!

I met Jessica through an organization I'm involved in as an alumni at GVSU. We have both served on the activities committee together, and when she reached out to me about engagement photos, I was SO EXCITED!

Engagement sessions, and couples in general, are my number one favorite, in case you haven't picked up on that, lol. I remember Jessica was super nervous because they've never had professional photos taken before and they weren't ones that were big into PDA. Let me tell ya, making y'all comfortable and looking natural in front of the camera is what I strive for! Based off these photos, I don't think you'd even know they were nervous!

I mean seriously, what a beautiful couple! Giving me alllllll the heart eyes!

Of course, gotta get those special ring shots! I also love going the classic, grab her from behind and surprise her, pose!

I had SO MUCH FUN with these two! So beyond happy for them on their engagement! I seriously live for these sweet, intimate moments.

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