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Social Media Algorithm's STINK! Here's what you can do to help!

So, maybe you haven't seen my latest post (or 5 posts) on Instagram or Facebook. Or, maybe you've seen it, but noticed that my engagement and "likes" is way low. That's because social media platforms are changing the way business page content appears in your newsfeed. But, if you like following along with my photography posts, there are a few things you can do to ensure you see my stuff! With so much competition, platforms like Facebook just can't keep up with all of the content. So unless I get more engagement (more on that in the next paragraph) from my followers (cough cough, that's you), or I pay to "boost" (advertise) my posts, you most likely won't see anything that comes from my business page. And as you know, I don't have much $$$ to spend on that. Social media rewards those who have more engagement immediately when something is posted. They care about quality content, and I don't seem to have that according to their algorithms.

I rely HEAVILY on social media and word of mouth to get more clients. Any time you like, comment, & share one of my photography posts, IT HELPS ME SO MUCH! Sharing is the #1 thing you can do to help me. That means that all of your friends will see it and see my page name, which helps tremendously!!! The second best thing is commenting on my post. I don't care what you say, even just commenting with a heart emoji helps! I'm sure you've noticed scrolling through your newsfeed when you see "John Doe commented on Camille's post." If you just comment an emoji on my photography post, even that helps a lot! Also, simply liking a post helps my engagement. Same with Instagram, the more you interact with my post, the more it pushes it to the top of peoples feeds! Conversely, the less you interact with my posts, the more it pushes it wayyy down in people's feeds to where they may never even see it. All of this (like, comment, & share) is considered engagement. So when I ask more of you to "engage" more with my photography page posts, this is what I mean. They boost posts with more engagement. If you don't interact with my posts at all, that engagement goes down. So sadly, organic reaches are significantly declining, but you can help!

Read more all about it here:

Here's a few things you can do if you aren't seeing my posts!


1. The first thing you can do is like my page. If you've already done that, AWESOME! Thank you! But, before you leave, click on "following," then select "see first." When you like a page, it defaults it to "default," which basically means you won't see much lol. So, by clicking "see first," it'll be somewhere closer to the top of your feed when you scroll! Also, turn notifications on! Don't worry, it won't notify you alllllll the time.

2. The next thing you can do is on the left side column, or under your explore panel, if you click "pages," then "liked pages," you can go directly here to view my content if you think you missed stuff!


1. Go to my photography page and follow me, if you've already done that, bonus points for you! Next, click those 3 little dots in the top right corner. Then, just turn on notifications! Easy peasy.

A simple like goes a long way. A simply comment with an emoji just to help me out also goes miles. Sharing helps me like crazyyyyy!

By doing these simple steps, you are already helping me beat the system! So I would appreciate it if everyone took just 2 minutes to do this!

Thank you!!!!

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