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Spencer Family

This cute little family won my spring giveaway! COVID pushed it into the heat of summer but I was so excited to able to shoot this family! Laura and I had been following each other on social media for some time now, and as a fellow photographer, we often don't get photos of ourselves! So I was so glad I could capture some special moments of her family for her! It was SO hot on this day!! The sand was burning. We all started sweating by the time we even got out there, but you'd never guess it by looking at these super cute photos! Ellie is soooo stinken adorable! She just wanted to be set free and wander around. Here are just a few of my favorites from this little family session!

As always, I love Grand Mere! The dunes are unique to SWM and it's one of my favorite locations to shoot at any time of the year! I love the variety of woods, trails, sand, dunes, and what's left of the beach.

If you're a fellow photographer and don't ever get photos of yourself, significant other, or with your family, I HIGHLY recommend doing it! Not only is it fun, creates memories, and I get some awesome photos, but it helps my business too. I've been more intentional recently about teaming up with other local photographers to get photos of myself! It also helps when you (the photographer) are in front of the camera! It puts you in your clients shoes and feel what they might feel during a session so you can improve your client experience!

P.S. - both of these awesome humans are GVSU alumni, and Ben works in the office I used to work in at SMC as well, ha.

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