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Tom + Jamie - Surprise Proposal

Initially Jamie reached out to me about some headshots for herself and Tommy. She recently became a Realtor and joined The Fry Group with Tommy! So I was already excited about doing these and that they became a team, but then I get a call from Tommy about wanting to propose during the shoot! I was like, heck yes let's do this!

It's funny because I was messaging them both about the shoot at the same time and Jamie had no idea! Jamie and I mostly talked about location, date, and time, while Tommy and I talked about the proposal plan, ha.

As you can see, first we got some shots of Jamie by herself and of the two of them together. Tommy gave me his cue and got down on one knee and proposed! I am so happy for these two! So then we got some quick engagement shots and more of them as a power couple with the ring on her finger!

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