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Winter fun

Winter photoshoots are gorgeoussss! I'm almost loving winter more than fall.....say whattt?!?!! Never thought I'd say it but as I've shot more with snow, it can be SO beautiful! I also love the earthy, neutral tones this time of year. It matches my style 100%. I'm beginning to love shooting October-February! If you can deal with the cold for a bit, it can be so worth it.

Danielle is another photographer in the Kalamazoo area. We decided to get some cute, fun photos of her and with her camera! I saw she took photos of this other photographer that I had been following for a few years, and I loved her work, so ya know, hit that follow button! I love being able to get to know other photographers! I also like to have a handy referral list in case I am booked on a certain date or someone is looking for a wedding photographer, so growing my network and relationship building in this industry is key! Also, I mean my gosh, how cute is she?!!?!

Neither of us had been to this location so it was fun to check it out! It was a SUPER cold morning, but sooo beautiful! We had fun in the snow, can ya tell? The next time you question doing an outdoor shoot in the winter, just do it. You won't regret it! You can always get a hot cocoa after, and take a nice hot bath when you get home!

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