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Workaholic & Time Management

I feel like I never stop and it's always go go go! Yet I continue to push myself for more and learning new skills. I'm not going to lie, of course money is motivation. However, since high school, I've just about always worked at least two jobs and find ways to keep busy!

Recently I became a Shipt Shopper (yes, the grocery delivery service). I love it! It's great side cash and doesn't feel like work, but the best part is knowing I'm helping people! Whether it's the elderly, someone who just had a surgery, or busy families, I know I'm making their lives a little easier. I usually do this during the week evenings after my 8-5 job or on the weekends if I don't have anything else going on. And yes, I still squeeze in time for photoshoots and editing!

In addition to my full time job, photography, and Shipt, I am also a member of two Grand Valley organizations. I've been on the Seidman College of Business Alumni Board for about two years and the Young Alumni Council for about a year. These require volunteering at events and meetings every few weeks. Although sometimes it's a lot of back and forth to GV, it's worth it because I love Grand Valley and Grand Rapids oh so much.

Andddd also in addition to that, I am sort of doing freelancing type work for some companies near and dear to me. I worked at 1928 Planning Co. for the past 3 years while in college. I absolutely loved it, but now that I've got a full time job, my time there came to an end. Luckily, I am working a handful of weddings this summer and providing extra support with staffing and training! Also, I help out when I can with Total Event Resources (based in Chicago area) with corporate events and meetings; way fun and right up my alley!

In my Young Alumni Council meeting we had a few weeks ago, we always share a personal/professional best. I added that I became a Shipt Shopper and they were surprised how I manage my time and have a life with everything! Some knew I was on another GV board and did photography as well, and I'm like...."idk I just do it." Lol.

How do I do it? Time management, dedication, and motivation.


I feel good helping people. Whatever it may be. I love interacting with people (customers, guests, etc.). After recently working the registration table at a corporate event, my tank got filled and topped off! (I'm talking in terms of the 5 Love Languages here, but in regards to my customer service fulfillment tank, lol). If I go a few days or a week without doing any Shipting, my tank starts to get emptied. But the moment I pick up a few shops and deliver to some awesome and thankful customers, my tank gets full and my customer service need has been met. Same with if I work an event, wedding, or have a photoshoot with my awesome clients.

Same with my GV organizations! I love events and I love GV, so I love volunteering or being a rep at GV events. I take part as much as I can! I also give back to the college, so knowing my little bit of help is helping out students makes me feel good inside!

The bottom line is that it comes down to what it all means to you. Is it the money? Is it helping people? Working with people? Something extra to do?

For me, it's how it makes me feel. I feel satisfied and fulfilled. I remember we took a survey in one of my college classes and I got that I am a "servant" worker. Second, I like making some extra money when I can. Who doesn't, am I right? Life is expensive these days!

I've never really been one to hang out with friends all of the time. I'm definitely a home body and have a small social circle that I get together with here and there. So I don't feel like any of this has sacrificed my social life, because I've always maintained a small social life, and I'm comfortable with where it's at. I feel like I get a good amount of time with everyone and everything else. I have my time with my family, boyfriend, friends, and my much needed alone time for relaxing and rejuvenation. So like I said, it's all about time management and what is important to you!

In high school, there was a time when I worked at a retail store and a golf club at the same time. Being young and in high school, I juggled the two pretty well for what it was at the time. In college, I worked as a student worker in admissions at SMC for 2 years and in development at GV for 2 years. Each year, from May-October, I worked during the week (with classes) and worked weddings with 1928 on the weekends. So like I said, always working two jobs! Sure there were stressful times and periods where I would work for two weeks straight, but when you enjoy what you do and feel fulfilled, it's worth it.

Find things that you enjoy and make you happy (and maybe make you some extra money)! I've got my side hustles to give me that extra cash which also I love doing, am apart of organizations I'm passionate about, and work full time.

Side note: if I ever give you a somewhat longer turn around time for photos in the summer, it's because:

1. I work full time (M-F 8-5)

2. I work a handful of weddings this summer on the weekends

3. I have more photoshoots in the warmer months

4. I have multiple GV meetings and events to attend to throughout the summer

5. I Shipt shop when tight on cash

6. I need that time to unwind and not do anything!!

I'm always looking for new opportunities and thinking, "what can I do next?"

Start a business?

Invent something? (highly unlikely, lol)

Learn a new Adobe software?

Start designing something?

Who knows!!!

Did this make me sound like a typical millennial? Lol

I'm always looking for new opportunities! I love helping people, working with my hands, and most of all, being creative!!!

Interested in collaborating with me? Shoot me a message!

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