A little about me

Heyyy, I'm Camille! I was born and raised along the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. After leaving my hometown and living in Grand Rapids for a while, I now live in Kalamazoo. I travel all over West Michigan and the midwest for photoshoots! I am a full time photographer and studio owner - something I have always dreamed of doing! I am also a new mom to a baby boy, a dog mom, and a wife to the best husband. I love being able to travel and adventure to new locations, especially for photoshoots!

I love getting to know people and forming new relationships. I want to make sure you're comfortable with me! I'm willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you have a positive experience with me and love your photos! I love connecting with y'all on social media, especially Instagram. Engage with me and I'll engage with ya back!

My photography journey

I've always been a creative at heart. I was that child that was always taking photos of everyone and everything! In high school, I took a digital photography class and got my first DSLR camera and well, the rest is history. After college, I worked 2 different "big girl" jobs in marketing and project management while doing photography part time, but quickly realized the 8-5 office life just wasn't for me. In 2020, I felt God's calling that photography was my next step. In 2021, I became a full time photographer and in 2023, I got my new dream studio!

My favorite thing about photography is capturing the real, raw, candid moments and emotions. I love capturing you as you are. I believe everyone is beautiful, unique, and amazing just the way you are!

Because my style is so natural, I almost never use Photoshop. If you have a pesky zit, cut, or bruise, I gotchu! But I will not Photoshop you to make you look like someone you aren't or alter your appearance. I won't make you look more slim, remove wrinkles, make your skin smooth and even, etc. Part of my "why" is that I want to show you what others (and I) see in you. I want to help you learn to embrace your flaws and help you grow on your self love journey.