Mentor sessions for photographers

whether you're just starting from ground zero, or you've dabbled in photography for a while now and want to level up your business, this is for you!

Let me start off by saying, I am not an educator! I don't know how to teach, but what I do know is how to run a photography business. As a matter of fact, I also own a studio, so two businesses! Everything about what I offer for mentor sessions is strictly from my personal experience. I've learned a lot throughout my formal education, online photography courses, trial and error (failing at things numerous times) and also from learning what NOT to do from others. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from GVSU, with a major in marketing and a minor in hospitality and tourism management with an emphasis in event planning. With all of this combined, along with my years of experience as a photographer, I truly feel I can help you level up your business!

What you can expect: I WILL

First things first, I will send you a questionnaire. You can fill out as much as you feel is applicable to where you are currently at! That may be very little, or it may be a lot. That's okay! After I review your questionnaire, I will see if I feel like we are a good fit and that I can bring value to you and your business. If we both agree to move forward, I will send you a proposal with a contract + invoice so we can move forward! After that, I will review your current website, social media accounts, processes, and assess what you are currently doing or not doing, so I am prepared with background knowledge of where you are at before we meet. I will also request any specific questions or topics you want to talk about ahead of time. This helps maximize our time in person together to touch on the important things!

My focus is more on the business side of things and a little bit of photography. Things I can give you advice on:

  • creating your social media accounts, or leveling up your current social media game.
  • creating your website, or leveling up your current website.
  • legalizing and protecting your business (taxes, registering your business, insurance, etc.).
  • systems and processes (CRM, gallery delivery systems, contracts, payment systems, photo storage, etc.).
  • additional marketing (email newsletters, print materials, etc.).
  • understanding the basics of shooting + editing in Lightroom.

What you can expect: I WON't

  • I won't actually create anything for you - just give you suggestions on new strategies you can implement. For example, I won't create your website, marketing materials, or manage your social media. I will just offer advice and suggestions of new strategies to try.
  • I am not a CPA, lawyer, or professional who knows everything about being a business owner. I cannot give legal advice.
  • I can show you a brief overview of systems, but I will not create your processes and templates for you (CRM, galleries, etc.)
  • If you shoot JPEG, I'll explain RAW to you.
  • If you shoot on auto, I'll explain the basics of shooting manual.
  • I can review your current gear and give possible recommendations, but this varies depending on what you shoot with. This is not guaranteed.
  • I will not go through all of your settings on your camera. This varies per make and model and you will need to review your instruction manual for that.
  • I won't go out and shoot with you, but I can review samples of your work.

Sound good?


Up to a 1.5 hour in-person mentor session in Kalamazoo. Travel fee will apply if outside of my travel radius.


  • questionnaire prior to booking to see if I can bring value to your photography journey
  • review of your current state
  • 1.5 hour in-person mentor session. Bring your laptop and camera!
  • recap of recommendations sent following meeting

Add ons:

  • 30 minutes worth of headshots of you at my studio when we meet: additional $100
  • Additional in-person meetings after your initial meeting: $100/1 hour follow up mentoring sessions