More than just headshots.

Behind every small business, brand, or Instagram account is YOU (and your team). The one that does it all! You are your brand. People want to know who is behind the business and behind the screen! Branding sessions capture photos for your social media, website, and marketing materials! It helps show your audience who you are, what you do, your products, services, and more! People (you) are what truly sells things! Branding sessions with me consists of photos of you, your team, some action shots, behind the scenes, your physical business...whatever it is of you doing what you do best!

Why branding is important:

  • Builds trust with your audience.
  • Shows authenticity and builds credibility.
  • You can create more meaningful connections with others.
  • Helps increase your confidence when showing up online.
  • Showcases your personality.
  • Helps you stand apart from others!

When consumers feel they can connect with you, they're much more likely to buy from you or work with you. A presence online (and showing more of you!) is so important to stay relevant on social media these days.

Leo + Laine

Digital branding agency

Sometimes even marketing agencies need their own branding photos taken!

Jess Mears

digital nomad

Jess is an avid traveler, future space tourist, and believer in taking control of your life.

Kndl Consulting

career coach

Kendal helps others find their passion, guides them in career changes, and more!

At the Table Nutrition Consulting

Registered dietician nutritionist

Ellen is an RD helping others discover the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and how food can be used as medicine.

Jasmin Lee Co.

business consulting/smm

Jasmin helps small businesses manage their accounts online, provides resources for small businesses, and more!

Peats Cider Social

bowling + beer

I photographed this session on behalf of Leo + Laine. Bowling, beer, and fun, what more could you ask for?